ADEL Holding is a group of companies working in different business fields: construction, logistics, real estate, trade, distribution and marketing and advertising.

Our Products

At Screen Media, our broad portfolio of innovative outdoor advertising tools and products are designed to help you enhance your brand’s identity and showcase its brilliance in the most impeccable and efficient of ways. In light of this, mentioned below the products we offer for streamlining your out of home advertising campaigns:

Bulletin boards are considered to be one of the largest and most effective forms of advertising your brand. Bulletin boards have a powerful impact on the minds of your target audience. We can provide you with creative advertisement solutions for billboard advertisements across OOH media formats.

The world of outdoor advertising has drastically changed, which has enabled us to provide you with innovative, highly creative and aesthetically pleasing ads in the form of mega-lights, which are illuminated via led bulbs, displaying your advertisement. We diligently and accurately place these mega-lights all across different locations for a more profound impact.

City-lights are back lit with your advertisement glassed-in, and have become quite a powerful form of enhancing your brand name. It is considered as an exponentially advantageous form of communication and can have a considerably impact on your target audience. At Screen Media, we can place your city-light ads across designated locations, which we analyze and locate in correspondence to your target-audience demographics.

Wall Murals
This is another exceptional form of impactful outdoor advertisement, where your message you’re an entire advertisement is painted on different walls and on big buildings. At Screen Media we can also print your advertisement on pressure sensitive vinyl, giving out a profound look and aesthetics. Another advantage of using wall murals is the very fact that you can have a bigger advertisement printed compared to a full-size billboard.

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