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About Us

Based in Macedonia and with more than 600 locations nationwide, Screen Media has become one of the top providers of exceptional and highly creative advertisements for businesses looking to impeccably promote their products and services via a multitude of tools.
Screen Media is a pioneer in outdoor advertising, established in 2008, we transcend client expectations better than anyone else in the sense that we are more oriented towards fulfilling your specifications and requirement to the best of our abilities and to provide you with solutions that are nothing short of perfect.
Our methods and strategies are aimed at increasing your revenue and the popularity of your brand. We don’t leave our clients handing in the middle with sloppy design ideas and lackluster focus. At Screen Media we have perfected the art of out of home advertising – and with us on your back you can rest assured of the fact that you will see a favorable outcome.
Screen Media is an OOH company, focusing on outdoor advertising, develop and print your advertisements faster than anybody – and put it on a billboard in the blink of an eye. We have never compromised on quality and efficiency, which have become the two most vital hallmarks of our success.
Our dedication towards a streamlined customer representation, heightened client-responsiveness and professionalism in every single service is what has earned us the respect and recognition of and from hundreds of businesses nationwide, not to mention why we were able to successfully establish 600 locations.
Trust Screen Media with your corporate advertisement and out of home advertising needs and we will propel your brand’s identity and popularity to a whole new level.

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  • Email:
    Tel 1: +389 (0)2 322 4944
    Tel 2: +389 (0)44 350 991
    Fax : +389 (0)2 322 4944

    Office 1: Kole Nedelkovski nr.61 lok.1, 1000 Skopje, Macedonia
    Office 2: Highway Mother Teresa E65 Gas station Lukoil 025 First Floor 1226 Zelino Macedonia

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